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DevOps Engineer

od Blue Grid u Beograd
You understand how computers work and what role an operating system plays. You know why the Linux kernel is written in C and not any other language. You have a favorite file system, you know what a syscall is and you are comfortable exploring /proc and /sys. You like the idea of using Go, Python, Terraform and Ansible every day, are not afraid of Makefiles and enjoy setting up secrets management, CI/CD automation, networks and clusters deployments.

You understand networking very well and know what iptables, strongSwan and VXLAN mean and are excited to use them daily.
You should also be comfortable joining an early stage company with a dynamic future. We offer a great salary, but expect you to value the equity as well. In return we will be very transparent with you about the company finances and outlook. You are joining a founding team and we want you to enjoy the ride.

If you are this kind of person, here is what you will be working on:
Closely interact with customers to build complex Kubernetes deployments of microservices.
Build deployment automation tools with Go, Terraform, Kubernetes and containers.
Tweak, setup and configure networking automation, write CNI plugins and contribute to open source automation tools.

About the tech
You don’t have to be an expert in these things, but you should be ready and excited to become one:
- Kubernetes and containers
- Ansible
- AWS management, Terraform
- Linux administration, Linux networking


A competitive salary
Flexible hours and vacation time
Autonomy to do your thing
Support from your manager and coworkers
Objavljen od 21 Feb Pogledano 2303 puta
Objavljen od 21 Feb Pogledano 2303 puta
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