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Woocommerce dev needed to add features to existing store [remote]

od Nikola Starčević (Bilo gde)
The client is a delivery service of lunchboxes for children, directly at schools.
The current website is based on WP/WooCommerce. The schools are essentially products and they create daily “options of lunch” that are associated to all schools.

There are several features that need to be added to the existing website:
Task 1:
Possibility for parents to buy a subscription so they can order for a whole semester or trimester (perhaps maybe using the wallet system and allowing parents to credit their accounts).
Parents taking a subscription (or those that credit their account) would get a cheaper rate on lunchboxes than the others.
Task 2:
Have the information that parents input about their-selves and their children in the website be saved to their account. A parent can have one or more children.
Only one child can be the subject of an order.
Task 3:
Make it possible to remove the availability of some schools on some days (if the school has a day off, no lunch should show for that day for that school).
Task 4:
Make modification of an order possible (if they want to change the day of a lunch).
Make cancellation of an order possible which would credit the user’s account of the sum of the order canceled.
Orders for Mondays and Tuesdays cannot be canceled after the previous Friday midnight.
Orders for Thursdays and Fridays cannot be canceled after the previous Tuesdays midnight.

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Objavljen od 19 Nov Pogledano 1288 puta
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