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Full time web developer to start a new project

od Vladimir (Bilo gde)

This will be a project that the developer will be able to develop from scratch, where you will work on the complete application, both front and back end. It is a full time position, where you can work from home.

The work consists of building and integrating two web applications that support the internal workings of our company:

  • First application will be a kind of highly interactive web-based email client. The users will be able to respond to emails rapidly by preselecting canned responses. There will also be issue management functionality (the users will be able to mark emails with issues, and other people will be able to resolve these issues). This application will interface with several web services and Gmail. The ratio between front and back end development will be approximately 50/50
  • The second application is all about building and managing lists of companies and people who work in companies. It is essentially a database that can be fed or updated via CSV files, but also by scraping a number of websites. It will also contain a number of predefined queries that can be exported as CSV files. It communicates with the first application (e.g. if a person has been emailed, we store that in the database). It will also contain a number of scrapers for different sites, and a smart scheduler that will coordinate those scrapers. The ratio between front and back end development will be approximately 30/70

Most of your work will go in building the two applications. In parallel, there will be 2-3 projects starting each month. For each of these projects, new queries or scrapers may need to be written and integrated in the list building application. But the delivery will be concrete lists (i.e. I will ask for a specific list to be produced, and you will deliver a CSV file). As the application matures, these will become more and more automated.

There will be approximately 80% of development activities and 20% support activities.

We are a small company based in Belgium and Spain. We help high tech companies with internet marketing and lead generation. The culture in the company is entrepreneurial, flexible and experimental.

Technology can still be chosen between Ruby on Rails, a JavaScript based framework (like Angular JS), Python and PHP. A preference for RoR, but the developer profile will be more important.
You should have sufficient experience to handle development of a complete project on your own. This includes real development experience with your web dev framework of choice, both on the front end and back end. This experience may be in a hobby project (actually, I might prefer a hobby project done by themselves as long as it is a complete application—than having years of experience working on a single aspect of a big product).

You should be able to handle all aspects from development, through testing, to (basic) deployment.

Other skills and characteristics

  • Both front end and backend skills. A “generalist” rather than “specialist” (know enough about both front end and back end development, enjoy working on the different parts of the system and with different technologies, rather than be specialized in something specific)
  • Be able to self-manage and self0motivate. That has to be proven somehow (e.g. through hobby projects)
  • Very important: communication, as in open, honest, proactive communication. Can easily understand what I mean, and I can understand them (not just the language, but the mental “click”)
  • Good time management. E.g. if you see a deadline will not be met, they should proactively communicate

How to apply
Please send your CV and application letter to and include references (people who you work for that I can contact to hear more about you).

I will review and short-list the CVs, and will carry out Skype interviews. If you pass the second round, I will ask you to perform a (paid) programming test.

Objavljen od 31 Aug Pogledano 1635 puta
Objavljen od 31 Aug Pogledano 1635 puta
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