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Project Manager

od Wodomi DOO u Novi Sad

The client imagines a chair. The developers are told to create a chair. It will be your job to make sure the right chair gets built. Therefore, you will build a long term relationship with clients, get a feel of their (clients) business, their needs and how they express themselves. You will develop insight into the maze of what’s going on in the developer’s mind. Your gentle words will guide the developers on to the righteous path to “tomorrow”, the magical time where development gets “done”. A smile appears on your face when the chair looks as it should and sits comfortable.

  • You trust, but verify.
  • You have a craving to get to the bottom of things.
  • Your favorite all time game is “spot the 7 differences”.
  • You are kind, but it shouldn’t be mistaken for weakness.
  • You can balance plates on straws, at least in your mind.
  • You have experience in the web world.
  • Your communication style is open, direct but compassionate.
  • You realize that there are 17 different meanings of “done” in our world.
  • Efficiency is one of your core values.
  • You immediately knew we weren’t really talking about a chair.

You will work in a small team, mainly in our Wodomi office in Novi Sad, Serbia ( You might travel occasionally to meet clients or our partners in Ghent or Brussels, Belgium. You will report (briefly) about the progress, budgets and issues directly to the owner, who will facilitate you to the best of his ability. Based on your experience and market standards, we’ll surely find a decent way of rewarding you for your efforts.

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Objavljen od 13 Apr Pogledano 1515 puta
Objavljen od 13 Apr Pogledano 1515 puta
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